The Great Blambeau, also known more simply as Blambeau (Japanese: ウチマクール Uchimakurru), is a wanted criminal who can be fought three times throughout the course of Fossil Fighters.

The first time is in Greenhorn Plains (NW area, not at the pay-to-dig site) and nets a reward of 3,000 G. The second time, in Rivet Ravine (within the first tunnel, at the very end), nets a reward of 10,000 G. The third and final time gets the player the Officer Mask.

Blambeau is known for his brown clothes and green hat, foreign speech and also carries a shotgun. You can see which battle you're up to by speaking to the Middle Police Officer in the Police Department. If he mentions a wanted criminal, you are at the first one. If he says he escaped, you are at the second one. The third time he's at the NE cave at Mt. Lavaflow. After that he will no longer escape. Yet, strangely enough, he is not seen in the jail in the credits. He speaks with a French accent and calls you, "zee bounty 'unter". It is believed that the reason the police said they couldn't take him in themselves is because they aren't Fossil Fighters.


For the first Battle, he has a Rank 2 Venator (AZ), Ourano (Top SZ), and Lambeo (Bottom SZ).

For the second Battle, he has an Onyx (AZ), Ourano (Top SZ), and Siamo (bottom SZ).

For the third Battle, he has an Onyx (AZ), Ourano (Top SZ), and Lambeo (Bottom SZ).


"Who are you?! Ah, zee police have sent a bounty 'unter after me! Hon hon hon! Zee cowardly police fear to face Blambeu in an honorable duel! Zat is wise! If you want to catch me, bounty 'unter, we must fight zee Fossil Battle, hon hon!"

"Oui, oui! You zink you can beat moi, bounty 'unter? Hon hon!"

"It is you again, bounty 'unter! What is zee big idea, you always after me? Hon hon! It is no matter! Zis time I will surely defeat you! I will use zee very special vivosaurs! Zee prized vivosaurs stolen from zee Medal Dealer himself! Hon hon!"