The Hare Club is located in Cranial City in Fossil Fighters: Champions. Fossil rocks can be cleaned here for rewards; however, a special mask is needed to join the club. Mr. John Guano is found in The Hare Club building after the player is taught how to dig up Dark Fossil Rocks. Pauleen can also be found here after the game's story is completed.


Rewards for cleaning a certain amount of fossil rocks:

1 fossil rock: Diamond

10 fossil rocks: Animal icon set

20 fossil rocks: Double Diamond

30 fossil rocks: Sports icon set

40 fossil rocks: Double Ruby

50 fossil rocks: Constellation icon set

60 fossil rocks: Quad Diamond

70 fossil rocks: Wondrous Fossil Rock

78 fossil rocks: Squirth icon

79 fossil rocks: Squirth 2 icon

80 fossil rocks: Squirth Fossil Rock

90 fossil rocks: "Contact" sonar cover

99 fossil rocks: "KL-33N " icon

100 fossil rocks: Miraculous Fossil Rock

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