Thomas is the Area Guide stationed in Mt. Lavaflow. He is a senile old man who often falls victim to delusions. Despite this, he knows a fair amount about Vivosaurs. He, like all Area Guides, provides helpful information regarding Vivosaurs indigenous to his area and the dig site itself.

He often refers to the Hero as 'boy' and constantly makes remarks about the sweltering heat in his area.


"Folks 'round here dig up Guan fossils pretty regular. He's weak to start but can change into a beast of a vivosaur! Uses up a bunch of FP, though..." -Thomas talking about Guan

"Folks 'round here have found a lot of Tro fossils. Tro is rock solid in support and gets a lot of critical hits. He's a real vivosaur's vivosaur." -Thomas talking about Tro

"This here area is supposed to be thick with Shuno and Amargo fossils. Nice thing 'bout them--those long tails and necks let 'em fight just as good from SZ positions!" -Thomas talking about Shuno and Amargo

"Know what we see a lot of here? Yango and Saichan fossils. Those two fellas can really bump up team Defense, perfect for them marathon battles!" -Thomas talking about Yango and Saichan

"We get a lot o' young Fighters looking for Einio and Penta fossils here. And what's so special about them? I'll tell ya--they get stronger when their LP nears zero!" -Thomas talking about Einio and Penta

"Found any Jara fossils? A feller found one o' those just last week. Excited about it too. Jara--lemme tell ya--is just like me... A grizzled old man just brimming with old-man power!" -Thomas talking about Jara