Tilda is an NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions located in the very northern part of the Fossil Lawn. She is an old
Tilda 1


woman who has grey hair, holds a cane, and wears a long red skirt. She is known to see clouds in the shape of vivosaurs, and complain about her ex-boyfriend.


"That cloud kind of looks like a Tarbo, doesn't it? I love Tarbo. Such a strong and powerful vivosaur! Whenever I use one, I try to put it in the AZ if possible."

"Ooooo, look at that cloud... It looks just like a Tricera! Did you know Tricera has the Parting Blow ability? It raises Attack power whenever LP is low. I wish I could raise my Attack. ...Just for a certain ex-boyfriend, mind you."

"Sometimes I worry that I'm making up things I see in clouds, but that one looks just like Hoplo! Hoplo boosts the FP-recharge of your team in battle. It's a lover, not a fighter! Not that a certain ex-boyfriend would know anything about that..."

"Now, that cloud there looks just like a Seismo. Seismo has the ability to regain LP automatically at the start of every turn. It's just like how the passage of time eventually heals sad memories. ...I hope."

"Oh! Look! Look, look! It's a cloud that looks like a Tryma! Tryma has the Link ability, so it can support a team member's attack with another attack. I wish there was someone in my life to support me..."

"Hmm... See, now I think that cloud looks like a Spinax. Spinax has an Auto Counter ability that makes it retaliate strongly after taking damage. Kind of like how I'm biding my time against a certain ex-boyfriend!"

"That cloud kind of looks like an Andrarch, I mean, if you squint. In addition to Andrarch's Parting Blow ability, it can also use Link. It hardly seems fair. ...But when is life ever fair?"

"That cloud looks like an Argento. That's a powerful vivosaur, Argento. It has the ability to absorb FP when attacked. I wish someone could absorb the pain that lives in my heart. ...Stupid ex-boyfriend!"

"Yep, I'm still lookin' at clouds. And this time I see a Peloro! If Peloro is the last one standing, its Attack doubles. I guess you have to be strong to survive alone. *sniff*"

"I think I see a Ceros in that cloud. Ceros's ability doubles its elemental-type effect. But vivosaurs from giant fossil rocks are usually strong like that."

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