トッチ Tocchi
Todd Official



Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Light brown



Specializes in:

Air Medal Air Element Vivosaurs

Signature Vivosaur

Stego Medal FFC Stego


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Battle Icon

Todd VS Icon FFC

Todd (トッチ Tocchi) is the Hero's best friend as well as an lly in Fossil Fighters: Champions. He is one of several major characters in the game. His team is centered around Air-types and shows a strong interest in Stego.



Todd alongside the Hero.

Todd presents himself as friendly and kind when he interacts with others, though often throughout the game he shows a cowardly side. In order to flee from pressing and frightening issues, Todd fakes severe stomachaches. After his defeat to the Hero in the first round of the Caliosteo Cup, he accepts his loss and can always be seen cheering the Hero on from the sidelines, though it is revealed that he was harboring some jealousy that he was ashamed of. Despite that, it is possible that he could have conjured up a lie as a result of Zongazonga's spell (i.e. his spell could of forced Todd to say something). Regardless of his fearfulness, he overcomes his doubts by covering for the Hero when he or she is in significant danger.


Ribular Fossil Stadium - Ribular Island: In the Hero's first Caliosteo Cup match, they face Todd. He has gained a Goyle since battling Rupert.

Todd VS Icon FFC

Stego Medal FFC Goyle Medal FFC
BP Earned: 0

Air Medal Stego

Stego Battle
Rank 2 Rank 1
LP 2 71
Attack 2 18
Defense 2 7
Accuracy 2 35
Evasion 2 8

Air Medal Goyle

Goyle Battle
Rank 2 Rank 1
LP 2 50
Attack 2 14
Defense 2 9
Accuracy 2 35
Evasion 2 7

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Further in the game, the Hero battles him once again, but this time he has Barbaros, Goyle, and Spinax.

Fossil Lawn - Ribular Island: Todd can be found near the Fossil Cannon post-game. He's replaced his Goyle and Spinax with a Parium and Edapho.

Todd VS Icon FFC

Edapho Medal FFC Parium Medal FFC Barbaros Medal FFC
BP Earned: 0

Air Medal Edapho

Edapho Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 480
Attack 2 63
Defense 2 30
Accuracy 2 50
Evasion 2 24

Air Medal Parium

Parium Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 470
Attack 2 79
Defense 2 25
Accuracy 2 25
Evasion 2 28

Air Medal Barbaros

Barbaros Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 640 Positive Arrow 1
Attack 2 80 Positive Arrow 1
Defense 2 55 Positive Arrow 1
Accuracy 2 40 Positive Arrow 1
Evasion 2 12 Positive Arrow 1

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Golden Fossil

In the Ilium Island Battle Royale, he uses Allo, Stego, and Seismo.


  • Even though he was chased and almost killed by an Allo in the prologue, Todd is seen using one after the game in the Battle Royale.

    Todd and the Hero fleeing the Allo

  • His teams revolve around Stego and its Super Evolved form, Barbaros. This, along with other evidence, supports the notion that Stego was his starter.
  • In the cutscene where Todd rescues the Hero, he uses a Stego. However, when he is turned against the Hero and is forced to battle him or her, it is evolved into a Barbaros.
  • Despite the fact that Todd took a major loss against Rupert at the beginning of the game, he has a clear elemental advantage come post-game, considering his team is all Air-Types and Rupert's team is all Water-Types.
  • He has faked a total of six stomachaches throughout the story, with each one being more obviously faked than the previous.
    Todd 1

    Todd alongside the Hero (Male).

  • During the storyline, Todd shows he has a crush on Pauleen without her mask on; however, he never shows his infatuation for her at any other time. It is currently unclear as to whether Todd still has feelings for her or not. 
  • He is apparently really good at climbing. 
  • He is the second character in the franchise to have an integral part of the game's plot who's signature Vivosaur is a Stego (the first was Dr. Diggins from the original game)