Tracy is an NPC in Fossil Fighters that is found in the Park Area. She has blonde hair, and wears a blue dress and black shoes. She usually talks about the Fossil Guild.


"Oh, you must have arrived on that boat you just came in. You came to become a Fighter? Have you gotten your Fighter's License yet? You'll need to take care of that right away."

"The shop in the Fossil Guild does more than just trade fossil rocks and upgrade tools. Oh! so much more! They offer a daily special, and you can also buy masks and stuff, Or just chat with the staff! Sometimes I chat with the staff all day long, from opening to closing! Then I come back the next day!"

"There are some pretty rare fossil rocks for sale at the shop sometimes. You just gotta look!"

"Hey, how about the wind today? Pretty brisk, huh? Cold? Like the icy grasp of winter? Oh, by the way... Did you hear that there are some baddies on the, hiding out somewhere? I'll bet the police would know more about it. You should ask them. Anyways, just BE CAREFUL out there!"

"Ohmigosh! I heard YOU were the one who rescued Rosie! I pretty much figured you were, like, just another Fighter, but sometimes people surprise you, huh?! Oh, I nearly forgot... They're looking for someone at the Center who can help with cleaning! I'm sure you could TOTALLY do that! Maybe on your way to save your next kidnap victim or whatever!"

"Ohmigosh, it's such a nice day! On days like these, I like to do, um... repairs and upgrades and stuff. You know, like, totally powering up my sonar and tools and all that? Some people say it costs too much money. I say, "WHATEVER! See you in battle with my awesome vivosaurs!""

"I heard that, like, they're selling BB masks over in the shop. They have boy AND girl versions! But... Oh-ohmigosh... I wonder if the police would arrest you if you were wearing one of those...?"

"Ohmigosh, I heard that special, like, things can happen when you're wearing masks! But not just any old mask will work... Only certain ones, I guess. But that would be SUCH a bummer if you put on a BB mask and got arrested by the police!"

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