Transformation is a Vivosaur Class that consist of Vivosaurs that Transform into different Vivosaurs via Skills, hence the name.


Guan Medal 2 Transforms into T-Rex Medal 2
Aopteryx Medal FFC Transforms into Any Neutral Vivosaur Excluding Super Revival and Dynal
Proto Medal FFC Transforms into Tricera Medal FFC
Shanshan Medal 2 Transforms into Tarbo Medal 2 (FFC only)
B-Tricera Medal FFC Transforms into Any Boneysaur excluding Salada


  • While both Shanshan and B-Tricera have Transformation skills, they are not of the Transformation Class, as classes were removed in FFC.
  • Any coloration changes, stat increases, and possible Super Revivals from Silver and Gold fossils do not apply to the Vivosaur's transformation. (e.g. Proto with a Silver Body fossil applied will not retain its +20 HP and +10 defense boosts upon transforming into Tricera; Guan with a Gold Fossil applied will transform into a normal T-Rex instead of a T-Rex Lord.)
  • The Transformation class has the least amount of vivosaurs than any other Vivosaur Class

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