Trent is a male character featured within Fossil Fighters. He is the little boy who can be seen outside of the Police Station. He can inform the player about some good team combinations for Team Skills after Chapter 4. He wears a light blue shirt and has blue jean shorts.


"I came here on vacation with my mom, and we're having a blast! Live Fossil Battles are WAY better than TV! Let me tell you about this area, though. This building is the Police Station. And it's NOT just for criminals and hooligans.'re not a criminal or a hooligan, are you? Anyway, the cheif of police, Captain Bullwort, is a really nice guy. He's got a kind word for everyone. To the right of the Police Station is the Fossil Guild, and to the left is the Richmond Building. Boy, what a great island! I wish I could stay here FOREVER. ...Wait. Where did my mom go? She was just here! MOOOOOM!"

"Hey, did you know the battles at Fossil Stadium are broadcast on TV worldwide? I Watch 'em all the time! I want to become a Fighter so bad! But...Mom says I have to wait until I'm older.."

"Hey, I wonder if you could team up vivosaurs with fossils discovered in the same country? Like Japan, maybe... There's F-Raptor , Futabi ... And one more...I can't remember. Anyway it might be cool to try them out together. Oh, and guess what! My family is moving to this island! I get to stay here forever! And when I get bigger, I'm going to become a Fossil Fighter too! Isn't that great? I can't wait until we get to battle each other! It'll be awesome!"

"Whoa, cool! So you're a Level 2 Fighter now?! Hey, is it true that you sometimes have to fight Fossil Battles when you're out digging in the field? "The true Fossil Fighter fights for honor, pride, and every last fossil rock!' Soooo awesome!"

"Hey, Mister Level 3 Fighter! You're getting good... But you still have a lot to learn! Like intentionally using teams with low LP so you can get the first attack. If you're having trouble with a particular opponet, try a team with lower LP to get the first attack!"

"Wow! So you're a Level 4 Fighter already?! Cool! Oh, hey--remember that you can check out all your vivosaurs' stats and stuff at VMMs. Look at them carefully when putting your teams together."

"Wow! Seems like last time we talked, you wen't so crazy high-level! You are FAST! You must make good teams. I've been realizing more than ever how important a good team is. I've heard that some team combinations will let ou inflict even MORE damage!"

"You're a Level 6 Fighter now?! Awesome! That's just one step below Master Fighter! You know, I was thinking... What do you think would happen if you teamed up vivosaur families? Do you think they would be able to work together and use some crazy special skills? That would be super cool!"

"Yay! No more BB Bandits! I can watch Fossil Battles at Fossil Stadium again! Yayyy! And I dug up some dirt on Tricera and found out that Einio, Proto, and Styraco are all in the same family. Try making teams with vivoaurs of the same family. I'm almost positive they would make good teams!"

"You made Master Fighter! You're SO cool! Seriously. you're my idol now! Hey, I've been thinking about team creation, and I think I'm onto something--carnivores and herbivores! Anyway, let me know next time you battle at Fossil Stadium! I'll be there cheering for sure!"

"You know, I was thinking... Maybe teaming up all herbivores would get a good team skill going. It's definitely something you should look into. Oh, by the way...I have to go back home soon. I'm leaving the island. We came here on vacation, but school starts soon. Stinks, huh? I don't ever want to leave this place."


  • The 3rd vivosaur Trent is referring to is Mihu.
  • There is a grammar mistake in Trent's second line, the developers put a "?" where there was suppost to put a period.
  • Quote Three and Quote Eleven contradict each other, as Trent said that his family was moving to Vivosaur Island but then goes on to tell of how he has to leave to go home.

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