The Trial Dig Site is the first dig site visited in Fossil Fighters, and is considered to be part of the tutorial. Bea Ginner takes the Hero here, after leading him there from the Park Area. This dig site also marks the debut of Holt, who battles the hero here after reviving Shanshan.


 The only fossils of the Vivosaurs available at this dig site are the heads. The remaining pieces can be found at Greenhorn Plains after the appropriate number of Sonar upgrades. In addition, the Spinax (Head) can only be found on the first visit to the site.

# Image Vivosaur Element
009 Shanshan mini medal ShanshanAir Air Medal
020 Spinax mini medal SpinaxAir Air Medal


  • After you get to Level 2, Bea Ginner will be gone from her spot, making it impossible to access this site anymore.
    • Seabed Cavern, introduced in Champions, is also impossible to reach after progressing past a certain point in the story.

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