Trip Cera
Trip Cera, often simply called Trip, is a spastic young Tricera. He is one of two dinosaurian announcers -- the other being Ty Ranno -- in Fossil Fighters: Champions. He has yellow skin and wears a bow tie and a pair of round eyeglasses. He does not like suspense, and he states this in many of his quotes. He has love interests in both Lola and Pauleen even though he is a Vivosaur and they are human.


Trip Cera 2

"Do you believe in marvels? OH YEAH!"

"I love special effects! No boring art films for this guy!"

"One fighter will emerge with the heart of a champion... IN THEIR TEETH!"

"This could get uglier than my mother-in-law!"

"The band is on the field! I didn't even know we had a band, but there you go!"

He tends to be a little more kind then Ty Ranno and when his partner gets mad at him for eating his crossaint he says:

"Uh, Ty Ranno? Buddy? You're speaking into the microphone."

If Ty Ranno says "[vivosaur] seems to be enraged," Trip would say "...I don't owe it money, do I?"

"It's ALWAYS a good time for an all out attack. GYAAA!"

"Well Ty, I'd coordinate my attacks among my Vivosaurs,and then I'd dance my victory dance! Ha-cha-cha!"

If Ty says an oponont is infected, Trip may say "Keep it away from me! I have a very weak immune system!"

If Ty notices an oponent has Auto LP Recovery, Trip may say "Concentrate all fire on the beast! Incoming! Incoming!"

He seems to say "Let's get it on!", often in different ways, before most non-story battles; Example:" I'm Trip Cera, and this is my partner Ty Ranno! Now he may be older than me, he might be smarter than me, but he's not CRAZIER THAN ME! Let's get it on!"- thus further implying his craziness. 


  • Trip is much more plausibly coloured than the Vivosaur he was modeled after, the Triceratops. The same goes for Ty Ranno.

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