The three Tudor Brothers are Ned, Jed, and Fred. Ned resides on Ribular Island, and teaches the Hero how to tell the elemental type of a fossil inside of the Fossil Rock. Jed, who resides on Cranial Isle, shows the Hero how to discover Dark Fossil Rocks. Fred can be found on Ilium Island, and reveals to the Hero the secret of Team Skills.


Ribular Fossil Center - Ribular Island: Ned Tudor calls out to the Hero the moment he/she steps into the building after finding the monster in the Jungle Labyrinth. He has two rare Air-Types with him, Radox and Igua.

Air Medal Radox

Air Medal Igua
Radox Battle Igua Battle

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 1

LP 2 65

Attack 2 12

Defense 2 9

Accuracy 2 36

Evasion 2 17

Rank 2 Rank 1

LP 2 55

Attack 2 18

Defense 2 7

Accuracy 2 41

Evasion 2 11

Cranial Fossil Center - Cranial Island: The Hero first meets Jed Tudor after the Round 3 matchups are announced. He uses three Vivosaurs from Red Canyon, Saichan, Dimorph, and Gorgo.

Fire Medal Saichan

Fire Medal Dimorph Fire Medal Gorgo
Saichan Battle Dimorph Battle Gorgo Battle

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 95

Attack 2 19

Defense 2 13

Accuracy 2 34

Evasion 2 6

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 54

Attack 2 16

Defense 2 3

Accuracy 2 40

Evasion 2 23

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 108

Attack 2 26

Defense 2 8

Accuracy 2 41

Evasion 2 11

Ilium Fossil Center - Ilium Island: The Hero first meets Fred whenever they enter Ilium Fossil Center for the first time. He uses [[1]], [[2]], & [[3]].

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