BurstBusterz told me to blog this. Burst and I are making a pokemon fanfic, and you can be in it if you want. You can make your own pokemon too, but you have to describe them to me. You can have up to 3 of your own made-up pokemon. You can also have 0-2 mega's (if no one else has them) and 1 legendary if no one else has the one you want (besides Kyurem, Black Kyurem, and White Kyurem). You can have 4-8 pokemon in your team (you don't have to show the attacks or abilities) and up to 2 shiny's. Make sure to write your character's personality, appearance, age, eye color, what side your on (Hero, Villain, or loner), occupation, and nickname(s) (if your character has any). I will start with mine and than Burst's _____________________________________________________________________________________

Geo Elliot Myke

nickname(s): Animegeo, Geon, Geo, gender: boy

age: 14

appearance: Green sleeveless shirt with a purple toxic symbol, blue jeans, black and neon green shoes. Pokemon belt (fits 12 pokemon), and has green and purple rings on his left arm.

personality: Shy when first meeting someone. Fun, funny, and annoying when he gets used to you. When he makes a mistake, he may not sometimes learn from it but atleast he fixes them later, He does not like public speaking. He also saves stray pokemon. Sometimes, instead of catching them, he just keeps them freely sometimes! He also sticks up for himself and others.

height: 6'00"

hair: Blonde, Green outline, Long bangs

eye color: Left eye: Green - Right eye: purple

Pokemon: Mawile, Umbreon, Absol, Blaziken, Mayakeon, Angeleon, Vampirrel

legend: Rayquaza

side: Hero

Justyn Landi


Nicknames:Angel, Burst, Blaze



Occupation: Aura Gaurdian

Personality:Cocky,but always stands up when he or Sophia are being insulted,and boy,can he retaliate.

Hair color:spiky red with black at spike tips

Pokemon: Lucario, Ignoranium, Skysol, Tyrantrum, Empoleon, Espeon

Legendary: Latios

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