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    April 16, 2014 by Augustine Sycamore

    Okay, so... here are some sauropod fanvivos I created for another of my stupid fanfictions... lol... 

    Err, I'll find a way to explain what they are- later, though, when I'm not being so lazy. You can kinda tell right off the bat, though, that they were... once human. >v<

    Post in the comments your opinions, please. If they're OP, suggestions for revisions would be much appreciated. I already think two of them are kinda iffy.

    Proper Name: Dova Peterel

    Length: 34 feet (Large)

    Favourite Food: Burning-nettle wine

    Childish and innocent as the nobleman it once was, it was apparently the youngest of the five brothers.

    Class|| Long-Range/Large

    Element|| Air

    Dova's above-average defence stat allows it to remain in battle long enough for Fighters to take full adva…

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  • Augustine Sycamore

    a notice

    December 22, 2013 by Augustine Sycamore

    Okay, so, some of you know that my own computer hasn't been charging. Today it finally crapped out.

    It's the computer I use to go on the wiki chat and Skype.

    Until I get it a new battery and charger, you'll not be seeing much of me. Just thought I'd let ya know.


    ud. I'm probably never going to be on line unless I move. My mum's computer's the only device in the house that can connect to the internet/isn't exploded.


    • Tablet- Authentication problems
    • Smart phone- Authentication problems
    • 3DS- Authentication problems
    • My computer- Literally blew up
    • Laptop- Refuses to charge
    • Mother's computer- absolutely fine
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    November 27, 2013 by Augustine Sycamore

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh dnabfljadkl

    so I guess I'll be posting my random short Pokemon fics on this blog because I have nowhere else to put them. 

    If you're waiting for DISNEYWORLD (my Pokemon fanfiction), it'll be posted on a blog of its own. I'll have chapter one up sometime in the VERY near future. Don't kill me. 

                  The snow fell fast and hard upon the dry, cracked ground, blanketing it with a thick white cover.  Frail blue-green blades of grass bent and bowed under the weight of the accumulated powdery stuff, smothered until spring.             

                   A violent quake passed through Ela’s body, shaking the freezing Leafeon from head to tail. The precipitation had begun to gather on her back and clung to her paws as she trud…

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  • Augustine Sycamore

    Since I'm not getting very far with my Fossil Fighters: Champions fanfiction, I've decided to start a Pokemon X and Y one to maybe inspire me. Because I'm too lazy to create my own characters, I'mma ask the Wiki users to come up with some OCs for it... 

    I'll need the following-






    -Team (Please include Pokemon levels, abilities, movesets, and nicknames, if they have any!)‡

    -Relatives (optional)

    -Occupation (optional) (e.g. Pokemon Professor, Team Flare Grunt, Admin, ETC.)

    ‡Characters may not have legendary Pokemon in their teams UNLESS I approve of it. They can have as many shiny Pokemon as they like, however.

    I'mma start with mine...

    (This IS AU, by the way. OTL)

    NOTE: The first four YOUNG characters to have bios …

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  • Augustine Sycamore

       Lately I've been adding updated Vivosaur images, battle sprites, and descriptions to the Vivosaur pages, as well as stripping images from both the JA and EN websites for articles that don't have photos. Most of the time, just after editing something, my informational and photographic changes to the page are removed or overwritten. 

       If possible, could someone tell me what exactly I am doing wrong, and why my changes never remain?

       Kaiju- I'm TRYING to start adding descriptions THE WAY YOU WANT THEM.

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