Okay, so... here are some sauropod fanvivos I created for another of my stupid fanfictions... lol... 

Err, I'll find a way to explain what they are- later, though, when I'm not being so lazy. You can kinda tell right off the bat, though, that they were... once human. >v<

Post in the comments your opinions, please. If they're OP, suggestions for revisions would be much appreciated. I already think two of them are kinda iffy.


Proper Name: Dova Peterel

Length: 34 feet (Large)

Favourite Food: Burning-nettle wine

Childish and innocent as the nobleman it once was, it was apparently the youngest of the five brothers.

Class|| Long-Range/Large

Element|| Air

Dova's above-average defence stat allows it to remain in battle long enough for Fighters to take full advantage of its broad arsenal of healing skills.

 LP 2 400
 Attack 2 24
 Defense 2 44
 Accuracy 2 27
 Evasion 2 10

Skills Skill 2 Attack Power 1 Damage FP 1 Cost Effect
Summit 29 40
Life Dust --- 390 Restore 25% of a chosen ally's LP
Holy Dust --- 590 Restore 30% of a chosen ally's LP
Neo Shard --- 900 Restore 35% of all allies' LP
Mountainmaker 49 700 Scare: 5% (team)
Blood Agony Should this unit meet any of its brothers in combat, the both shall be instantly felled.

 Support Effects 2 Own AZ

 S Attack 1 0%
 S Defense 1 Positive Arrow 1 15%
 S Accuracy 1 0%
 S Evasion 1 0%


Proper Name: Antoine Peterel

Length: 109 ft. (Titanic)

Favourite Food: Burning-nettle wine

Coy and arch as the nobleman it once was, it was apparently the second youngest of the five brothers.

Class|| Long-Range/Titanic

Element|| Neutral

Atno's vast reserves of LP and high Defence are certainly befitting of a king- but its mediocre accuracy and acceptable power are slightly distressing.

 LP 2 660
 Attack 2 63
 Defense 2 45
 Accuracy 2 19
 Evasion 2 11

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