Cahill Cometstar

aka ケーヒル

  • I live in an alternate universe
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is animating, drawing, gaming, translating random things into Japanese
  • I am non-existant
  • Cahill Cometstar

    Ignore this blog if you do not have trouble with your friend code. If I missed a problem, comment.

    Check your internet connection.

    Update your DS/DSi/3DS.

    The person may have started a new game, or the code does not exist. Choose a different friend code.

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    I will be restarting my Pokémon games (SoulSilver and Platinum have already been restarted, Black will be next) so do NOT challenge me in a fight! Also, I am trading over my Zoruas (level 15, 3 of them) to one of my brothers until I get to a point in the game where I can trade, say, a Patrat for one.

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    C-Pasta Fanfiction

    September 4, 2013 by Cahill Cometstar

    I will create a new fanfic on our other wiki (Fanfic wiki) based off of ZZ. Only instead of Zongazonga, it will be Vagnovagno (Don't ask -_-). It would take over my Aopteryx, and I would beat it using a Legendary reminiscent of a unicorn ([[1]]). It WILL be Alternate Universe than Storm's Brewing, as the character of Cahill is not well-developed yet, but even though it may (not) be earlier than SB, Cahill will probably have at least her main team (except for Aurum, which she will get with Millecent near the start of SB) by Sylvia's Storm (le title), (though Aurum will be replaced by Tryma for now.) You are allowed to make sequels to SS, except any use of Cahill and her vivos MUST be approved by me.

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    This blog will thereby explain why some vivos don't have SEs.

    If you look up [[1]] and then the Forbidden Seven, you will learn how in the game there wasn't enough time to add some characters in the game, such as Mewtwo, Roy, etc. Well, what does a fighting game have to do with Fossil Fighters? Both have additions that were not added into the game. Due to a lack of time, these characters (or SEs, for that matter), were not added into the final game. Take a look at V-Raptor. You might think that the Despino design was meant to be for the raptors. But then, why was Spino added to it? Plus, V-Ripper looks nothing like a raptor, and it looks more like a Spino. There is a lack of evidence for this, due to Despino and V-Ripper being the only ones …

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    A new vivo idea!

    August 28, 2013 by Cahill Cometstar

    This time, my blog post is on a new vivo idea for FF3: R-Raptor. R-Raptor is based off of Raptorrex, a smaller (relatively) version of Tyrannosaurus Rex. His super revival (R-Raptor Prince) will be another recoloration of the Lords,Kings, and Fiends.

    R-Raptor will primarily based off of V-Raptor. There will be jewels on it's spine, and the moves will be primarily prince-based (i.e. Prince's Poison)

    • R-Claw (30 FP)
    • Raptor Royalty (50% Silver Poison, 80 FP)
    • Prince's Poison (100% Gold Poison, 170 FP)
    • Super Enflame
    • Team Skill: Royal Ruin (15% Purple Poison, 320 FP)

    • The prince of poison skills, use Super Enflame and then Prince's Poison for a nasty combo that will leave enemies pulling out their hair. (Battle)
    • This vivosaur was first discovered as a juve…

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