This time, my blog post is on a new vivo idea for FF3: R-Raptor. R-Raptor is based off of Raptorrex, a smaller (relatively) version of Tyrannosaurus Rex. His super revival (R-Raptor Prince) will be another recoloration of the Lords,Kings, and Fiends.


R-Raptor will primarily based off of V-Raptor. There will be jewels on it's spine, and the moves will be primarily prince-based (i.e. Prince's Poison)

Moves (Regular Form)

  • R-Claw (30 FP)
  • Raptor Royalty (50% Silver Poison, 80 FP)
  • Prince's Poison (100% Gold Poison, 170 FP)
  • Super Enflame
  • Team Skill: Royal Ruin (15% Purple Poison, 320 FP)

Description (Regular Form)

  • The prince of poison skills, use Super Enflame and then Prince's Poison for a nasty combo that will leave enemies pulling out their hair. (Battle)
  • This vivosaur was first discovered as a juvenile. Location: Mongolia (Fossilary)

Moves (Super Evolver)

  • Princely Strike (150 FP)
  • Princely Buster (250 FP, 100% Silver Poison)
  • Princely Jewels (450 FP, 100% Gold Poison)
  • Super Enflame
  • Team Skill: Dark Jewel (840 FP, 30% Purple Posion)

Description (Super Evolver)

  • DOUBLE the chance of posion than R-Raptor? A chance of posion only found in U-Raptor? This is the best addition to your team!
  • A super evolver made by using a golden head fossil on a R-Raptor. It's posion far surpasses that of a Krypto or Tophis.


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