• 1st Battle- Low LP, high stats. Knock out someone in the SZ, and ZZ's strategy may change, as one time he used Team Skills, and the second, he used lower FP moves.
  • 2nd battle- I would prefer knocking out ZZ first. If you're lucky, he may use Law of the Jungle when he's low on LP, but A Z-Rex's LP is only about half of his LP. Then the Z-Rex is only left with one LP, but save it for later. Knock out ZZ with a Super Evolver (use Lugmos or Giga Raja, because you can use Charge.) Weaken the more plentiful Z-Rex, and then knock out the second. All my teammates were knocked out on the second fight, but then again, they were Small/Medium sized vivosaurs. ZZ and Z-Rex are large. I have decided that I will use Krypto, not Goyle.

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