Greetings and many great hellos! This is my first blog post, so I'm hoping it goes well enough.

Anyway, I made this blog so we could put forth our own theories for otherwise unexplained phenomena in Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions.

To start things off, here's one of mine:

The Bonehemoth swallows ice in order to soothe its stomachaches. If it eats things such as boats, as shown in the game, it must get a lot of those, prompting it to eat icebergs in order to stop or otherwise help the pain.

You can also ask whatever questions you want here, and others could try to answer it. For example:

What exactly is Lord Tonzilla? The game calls him a giant tonsil, but it looks more like a huge uvula. This is proven no only by his shape, but the fact that beating him causes the Bonehemoth gag and swallow seawater. But neither tonsils nor uvulas can have a life of their own. So what could Lord Tonzilla be?

A possible answer to this could be:

Lord Tonzilla is some form of internal parasite. He attaches himself permanently to the whale's palate and feeds off of what he can. Not only that, but Tonzilla gains protection from living within the whale.

Some more theories:

Delta's design and element may be based off of a word of the same name. In geography, a delta is an area of land at the mouth of a river. A delta is also triangular, and the Greek letter "delta" is also triangular, which explains the triangular features of the Vivosaur. (Originally by Fossil Fighter R.B.P.)

Several Boneysaurs and Zombiesaurs are inaccurately named. Z-Tricera is more comparable to Mihu, B-Tricera to Proto, and Z-Ptera to Dimorph. (Originally by several members.)

So, feel free to swamp me with theories and questions! All are welcome here!

~ Cottonmouth255 (Cm25)

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