The reason for my recent inactivity is that i've been grounded. One day, I found my 3DS, and decided to sneak it away so I could play it. Just this last monday, I got caught. My parents already gave me a few chances, and they're pissed. So pissed, that they're taking my CPU and DS's and selling this may be one of my last posts. The good news is that I might be able to sneak on at the library, but they only have four computers there, and they're usually busy, so I can't count on that. I'm sorry guys, and if this is my last post, good bye, friends. I'll either see you throughout the weeks (library) or not until I'm out of the house (2017 at the very least, my high school graduation year. They won't let me buy a new computer until I'm out of the house, so unless this changes, shoot for the Summer of 2017 or later) This also means I won't be able to try the new Fossil Fighters game (unless I can somehow change my parent's minds), so I will have little to say.

On a much lighter note, a new dinosaur was discovered! Mercuriceritops gemini, go check it out, it might make it in the new game.

Until the right time, I'm sorry, and I'll see you all later, mates. =,(

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