As you may know, we're all sharing our favorite and in our opinions, the best Vivosaurs. Well, here are what I think of the worst.

  • 10: Squirth: Incredibly hard to get and no good attacks, there is one thing to say (Unless you want all Vivosaurs rank 20, in which that case you'll have to use it): DO NOT USE SQUIRTH.
  • 9: Sopteryx: First of all, Sopteryx has terrible LP. He can be defeated in one hit pretty easily. Although he's got okay Support Effects, the opponent doesn't have to beat the AZ Vivosaur; He just beats up Sopteryx (In the SZ). All-in-all, Sopteryx is pretty much the ninth worst Vivosaur.
  • 8: Goyle: No Defense and low LP. The Defense isn't half bad, BUT, the other stats are horrible. DON'T USE IT EVER.
  • 7: Jara (Champions only): I personally loved Jara in the original. But in the champions, it developps so slow that I don't even use it anymore.
  • 6: Stego The stats are okay, I guess, but they could have at least given the Confusion skill a 50% chance instead of thirty!
  • 5: Momo Horrible stats and instead of something I would want like Charge, it gives me Power Scale. Plus, it'll take about one second for the enemy to defeat him. DON'T USE IT.
  • 4: Pelto The worst of the Defense classes in the first game. I know how "popular" it is and how "amazing" Zanth is, but for starters, it's Sleep Skill rarely works. Plus, it's entirely Defense focused; a little more Attack or Speed would be great!