Hello! This is DinonerdDC, doing something for the Community. If you have ANY questions at all about Fossil Fighters  1 or 2, just post the question. I will also be doing a Vivosaur Analysis every week, for it's competitive qualities, as well as Super Evolvers, counters, and Partners. So, if you need anything, ask away! DERPNERD IS HERE TO HELP!


There are now sub-segments of Ask The Nerd. You can find the various parts of the new webizine in the list below.

Derpnerd: Derp's Vivo-Biology thingimajig of stuff. Period.

TDD: Cretaceous Critique

Nova: Vivo vs. Dino!

Now, I will split the Vivosaurs into tiers. 1,2, and 3. 1 being the best, 3 being the worst.

Helvian494743 will help with editing and publishing

To everyone: Please stop requesting reviews. DinonerdDC has a Weekly Extra Credit Question. Answering this question correctly will allow you to pick the Vivosaur that will be reviewed next week. So please, wait until the weekly Extra Credit question to ask for certain Vivosaurs to be reviewed. Also, please do not post questions that do not have to do with Fossil Fighters, or other irrelevant topics. All other questions will be answered. Thank you! ~TDD25

On the list below, clicking on the name will lead you to the Vivosaur's page, while clicking on the picture will lead you to the review.

Vivosaurs Reviewed:

  1. Pachy Pachy Battle
  2. Nychus Nychus Battle
  3. Mammoth Mammoth Battle
  4. Oloro Oloro Battle
  5. Proto Proto Battle
  6. Dimorph Ace Dimorph Ace Battle
  7. Berto Berto Battle
  8. Delta Delta Battle
  9. Cryo Cryo Battle
  10. Archaeo Archaeo Battle
  11. Aeros Aeros Battle
  12. Nodo Nodo Battle
  13. Tricera Tricera Battle
  14. Tonzilla Tonzilla Battle
  15. Buldor Buldor Battle
  16. Megalo Megalo Battle
  17. Elasmo Elasmo Battle
  18. Mapo Mapo Battle
  19. Zanth Zanth Battle
  20. Jara Jara Battle
  21. Z-Ptera Z-Ptera Battle
  22. Hibigon Hibigon Battle
  23. Lugmos Lugmos Battle

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