Ok. We need one of these. If any Admins/Chat Mods want to change this blog, do so please.

1. Listen to the Admins/Chat Mods. If they have a star next to their name, then they have Chat Moderator privledges. You will be kicked/banned if you do not pay attention to them.

2. No spamming. Spam is defined as any single phrase that has no meaningful value that is repeated upwards of 3 times.

3. No disrespect toward others. Please. If you wish to take out your anger on someone, do it in private.

4. No Profanity. Duh.

5. No Pornography. You will be banned. FOREVER.

6. Enjoy yourselves, and keep the sanity level to a minumum. Nothing HAS to make sense, just don't spam.

7. Do NOT ask for others to be kicked or banned from either the Wiki or the Chat. This will only result in you receiving the same punishment you asked to be placed on the other person. Should you have a legitimate complaint, do NOT just go to an Admin and PM them with "HEY YOU GOTTA KICK ???. ???'S BREAKING THE RULES" Quite simply, all you have to do is inform them of the situation.

And for Chat Mods and Admins ᴇ̶̷̲̅x̶̷̲̅ᴄ̶̷̲̅ᴇ̶̷̲̅ᴘ̶̷̲̅ᴛ̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅ғ̶̷̲̅ᴏ̶̷̲̅ʀ̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅D̶̷̲̅ɪ̶̷̲̅ɴ̶̷̲̅ᴏ̶̷̲̅ɴ̶̷̲̅ᴇ̶̷̲̅ʀ̶̷̲̅ᴅ̶̷̲̅D̶̷̲̅C̶̷̲̅ 


Follow these rules for an enjoyable Chat experience.

Also, do NOT attempt to break these rules within PMs, because, one way or another, the Admins WILL find out, and consequences will be dealt.

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