Espeon King

aka (Classified) RKA Burstbuster

  • I live in Paradise city,Minecraft
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Building awesome worlds
  • I am Gallade. Now think:What gender are ALL Gallade?
  • Espeon King

    Flickering on and off

    September 3, 2014 by Espeon King

    An explanation why I have been coming on the wiki at certain points since my dissapaerance sometime in 2013.

    Now, as a few of you may now , I have been occaisionally popping on the wiki after over 6 months of absence. And I will tell you now this may continue for a bit.See, I have lost my privelages, including my laptop one (my mom put its repairs on hold) and it has been like that for quite a while. the only reason I pop on is that my mom sometimes leaves her laptop out when she leaves, and i then use it. but this is rare, so I don't have the ability to do so. Usually, i'm an expert at cracking passwords, but not the one on this laptop. It's as if it's in gibberish!    So, until I get my laptop back, my appearances here will be uncommon an…

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  • Espeon King


    April 29, 2014 by Espeon King

    I am making a new fan fiction. About Warrior Cats.

    Now,if you want to get a cat of yours into the fic,I need the following...

    Example: Infernoclaw

    Example:Ginger tom with red streaks

    Example:14 Moons old

    (If multiple people choose "Medicine Cat", I will decide and make the non-winners warrior apprentices.)

    (Just say (Warrior) or (Medicine Cat) next to the name.)

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  • Espeon King

    Seabed Cavern's Mystery

    January 25, 2014 by Espeon King

    You all know about seabed cavern. have dscovered a way to get the vivosaurs there.Easilier. However... you cannot beat the game first. You have to restart it to do this.

    Enter seabed cavern in the storyboard. Use your sonar. If you find no fossils,go outside and talk to robinson to go back in. Repeat. If are not satisfied with a full case,go to the fossil center and clean. then go back to seabed cavern to dig some more. NOTE:Do NOT battle & beat Cole if you are not happy with the fossils you have.Did that?Then restart the game from your last save.saved after the cole battle?Then you will have to restart your game.From the turorial.That first battle.So go and hunt!

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  • Espeon King

    It's now the year of 2014.To celebrrate this,I've decided to host a Pokemon X and Y Tournament!There are rules,of course.

    Rule No.1:A maximum of 1 Legendary per team.

    Rule No.2:Only 1 pokemon can be holding a Mega Stone.Any contsestants found with more than than 1 Mega Stone will be subject to disqualification.

    Just put a comment saying you want to join.

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  • Espeon King

    Vacation on hold

    July 7, 2013 by Espeon King

    Hello,everybody.As you all know, i've been on vacation since earlier.But a little...Incedent... dragged it to a halt.Both me and Zion sprained our ankles,landing us in the hospital.How long?Dunno(Auidino).Right now,i'm typing this on my hospital bed.Zion's Playing Super Smash Flash 2 in his bed, right next to me.On the bright side...

    I'll be on the wiki more often than I used to be.

    In the comments....

    Thumbs up if you're happy about all this.Thumbs down if you think it's horrible this all happened.Leave no detail unchecked!

    My Youtube account, GigaLucario17,will be more active.I'll send some notifacations on how i'm doing from that channel.Just so you all know.

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