What is this?

An explanation why I have been coming on the wiki at certain points since my dissapaerance sometime in 2013.

The Speech.

Now, as a few of you may now , I have been occaisionally popping on the wiki after over 6 months of absence. And I will tell you now this may continue for a bit.See, I have lost my privelages, including my laptop one (my mom put its repairs on hold) and it has been like that for quite a while. the only reason I pop on is that my mom sometimes leaves her laptop out when she leaves, and i then use it. but this is rare, so I don't have the ability to do so. Usually, i'm an expert at cracking passwords, but not the one on this laptop. It's as if it's in gibberish!    So, until I get my laptop back, my appearances here will be uncommon and brief.(Rarely more than an hour.)

Extra bit (2015)

Thanks to my school's X-period, I will be able to come on from around 12 to 12:25.

It's brief. But it happens.

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