Hello,people.As the title states (Derp) i'm going on vacation.Gonna be doing things  like Dorney Park's Dinosaurs Alive.Though,at least once a week, i will be on for chat.I will check my file but but that's about it.I'd be on,however,between 2:30 and 6:30,as well as 8:30 to 11:00.(AM and PM spring ridge,pa's Time Zone)Giving the circumstances,that's not a long time.Wanna catch me?Be quick-Seperior are very fast.See ya all soon! File:On_the_move.jpg On the Move.Bye,Guys(and the occasional female)!

The Poll

In the comments,leave a vote.Tumbs down for if you go against the vacation,and thumbs up if you are happy about it.

From time to time....

...i'll be on the wiki at times unconfirmed.At these times,something BAD happened to my freind,Zion,on the trip.Right now,he sprained his ankle,and will be at the hospital for a while.During that time i'll be on the wiki.

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