Disclamer This is my opinion and my opinon so respect mine and I will respect yours.

With FIG coming out a lot of fans here have been complaining about the game before it has even been out and here and I am doing this blog post to shut up those of you who have been constantly complaining about a game that hasn't even been accounced outside of Japan yet. Something tells me that this is going to be like gen 5 of Pokemon meaning that a lot of fans are going to compllain about this game but more are going to still like it. I am going to talk about some of the most complained parts of FIG.

gallery type="slideshow" Golbat.JPG Mew.JPG Pikachu.JPG Wigglytuff.JPG Moltres.jpg /gallery

1. They changed some designs and now I'm mad. Look i don't know if you have noticed but they did that in other games too I mean look at Pokemon, a lot of Pokemon (look at slideshow) have been changed over the years becase later gen graphics made them make the creatures how they originally thought of them. this argument is the least valid and you guys are hating just because they changed it I mean some Vivosaurs like T-Rex and Tricera have stayed the same mostly but some have had some minor astetic changes but it could have been worse.

2. They changed the battle system, now I cant battle anymore. I'm kind of upset that they did this but hey this could not be a bad thing they did they did this from FF to FFC and I like how they shake things up unlike games like Call of Duty which is basically the same thing just reskinned. No matter what I'll always love Fossil Fighters even if this gen isn't quite like the others I'll play it first before I judge it.

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