Thoughts on FFC is a series of blog posts that i've started that explores various game mechanics in Fossil Fighters: Champions. On this blog-post, I will be discussing Law of the Jungle and Sacrifice.  

Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle is a common skill tacked on to powerful vivosaurs with high attack [TDD, if you mention Shoni's 66 attack, I will go mental], that makes a vivosaur regain it's LP by using LP of it's allies. It may be the least used skill in the game, and I can see why. It doesn't really accomplish much by just re-distributing LP from one vivosaur to the next, and if the vivosaur you are sucking the LP out of is better than the vivosaur gaining the LP, then there is no point, but it is handy when the only attack vivosaur on your team has Law of the Jungle, because it allows you to make him last instead of relying on support vivosaurs to defeat the enemy. Parting Blow + Law of the Jungle is also GG. 


Sacrifice is a relativily uncommon skill tacked on to a variety of vivosaurs that makes the vivosaur that uses it distributes all of it's LP to it's allies. In my opinion, this is a great skill when used right by having two attack vivosaurs pull their weight, and when they are almost dead, give them more LP by Sacrificing your Apato. It can also help the Parting Blow + Law of the Jungle strategy by giving LP to the vivosaur with Parting Blow, extending it's life. I do, however, have a problem with Menchi having Sacrifice AND Solo Power. How are you supposed to make Menchi last if you give away all of it's LP? 

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