Yesterday, in the chat, we loked at scans(Small chance of being fake.), and saw some of the new vivosaurs. I have made a list of the ones we saw.

--Sinoceratops, or Coronaceratops.

--Polacanthine(We guessed Gastonia.).

--An Azdarchid.

--A sauropod, probably a Saltasaurid, or Antarctosaurid.

--A flying creature, either a bat or a pterosaur.

--A protoceratopsid.

--Something that might be a croc(We guessed deinosuchus.), or a theropod dinosaur(No guesses.).

--Something that might be Dimetro(Are vivosaur names supposed to be capitallized?).

--Something that might be Allo.

--Something we think is Pelta.

--Some sort of dromeosaur(Not discussed in chat.).

--Something I think is Igno(Not discused in chat.).

--Something that might be pterano(Not discussed in chat.).

--Multiple unidentifiable theropods(Not discussed in chat.).

--Sauropod(Not disussed in chat.).

If you know anything a missed, leave a comment, or if you find any scans.

Links to scans: <Bat, croc, sauropd, azdarchid, etc.  < Dromeosaur <Gastonia, sauropod, "pterano", "Igno", and does anyone else some other things one the left?  < Better view of Gastonia.  < Unidentifiable theropods. <"Igno", "Pterano", etc.

tumblr_inline_my23quOu5H1rmjx4g.jpg <Sino, Kp?.

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