• PreyingShark

    So yeah, I'm sure a lot of you have seen my spreadsheets by now. I have completed the stats, and on the Full Non-Spoilers Max Rank Stats tab I included links I found to the (almost) all the move information in Japanese. Here's the link again:

    I didn't find that site until after I had almost finished grinding everything to Max Rank. Dang nabbit, but at least I know that my stats are accurate. That site's info *might* have some errors but it matches everything I've gotten so far. DON'T GO CLICKY-CLICKY ON THE SITE: You could potentially spoiler yourself, especially if you have Google Translate on. It's in Japanese though, so here's translation…

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  • PreyingShark

    Twitter Q&A

    February 25, 2015 by PreyingShark

    It's been getting awkward recently so I set up an alt Twitter account: @FrontierQA

    Ask questions there instead of here please. Answers to questions that I consider minor spoilers will be DM'd instead of tweeted BTW, just a warning.

    ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOTE, THERE'S A MUSIC PLAYER! Wow, these excavation site tracks were good enough when driving around and they're even better when the car's engine isn't covering the sound up. You guys are in for a treat I think.

    EDIT: Oh, as for Vivosaur moves... If any of you want me to do a specific vivosaur's moves then just say so, yo. But I won't be doing every single one, for now at least, because that would be crazy to do by myself.

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