So yeah I found this game called Fossil League DTC, just beat it and well it's neat? Reminds me of many games; first is Pokemon with the battle style but you can only carry 5 Dinosaurs with you at once, the enemies run around like in Lunar, attacks powered up like in Legend of Dragoon and well it has the same elemental chart as Fossil Fighters. The game only has 105 dinosaurs and even less attacks everybody learns a lot of the same moves, so yeah that was skimpy. A plus their where a lot of my favorites, so I played it through. Not a bad game graphics are okay and the music somewhat good and bad. Bad guys where pretty cool wanting to destroy mankind and all the good stuff, the game is somewhat hard if you don't power level up Stakk and a few others. Oh yeah they had Dilophosaurus cry from Jurassic Park in the game I did like that, but it was Stakk that made that noise. XD One thing I hated is their are a few Dinosaurs you cannot befriend which is weird, but okay.... One thing I did find a pest about this game is the half guide GameFAQS and barely any promtion of this game, it took me forever to find out their was only 105 Dinosaurs. But I do want to fix that so I made a list of all the Dinosaurs in the game. If you don't mind I will share them with you all because I hate not figuring out what is all in a battle monsters game.


07. Dilophosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)

08. Coelophysis  Earth

09. Staurikosaurus  Netural  (Starter and Name)

10. Eoraptor  Fire 

18. Megalosaurus  Netural  (Friendly)

35. Ornitholestes  Fire

36. Allosaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

37. Ceratosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)

38. Compsognathus  Fire 

39. Archaeopteryx  Wind  (Friendly)

40. Yangchuanosaurus  Netural  (Friendly)

51.  Baryonyx  Water  (Friendly)

52. Deinonychus  Earth 

53. Fukuiraptor  Earth  (Friendly)

54. Carnotaurus  Fire (Friendly)

56. Giganostosaurus  Netural  (Friendly)

79. Tarbosaurus  Fire 

80. Gorgosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)

81. Albertosaurus  Netural

82. Mononykus  Earth  (Friendly)

83. Gallimimus  Wind  (Friendly)

84. Ornithomimus  Wind  (Friendly)

85. Erlikosaurus  Earth

86. Spinosaurus  Wind  (Friendly)

87. Saurornithoides  Fire 

88. Segnosaurus  Fire

89. Dromiceiomimus  Wind  (Friendly)

90. Alioramus  Fire

91. Tyrannosaurus Rex  Fire  (Friendly)

92. Daspletosaurus  Water 

93. Velociraptor  Earth  (Friendly)

94. Troodon  Earth  (Friendly)

95. Therizinosaurus  Water  (Friendly)

96. Dromaeosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)


01. Lesothosaurus    Earth  (Friendly)

02. Heterodontosaurus  Earth

03. Scutellosaurus   Earth  (Friendly)

16. Dryosaurus  Earth

24. Camptosaurus  Earth

25. Hypsilophodon  Fire  (Friendly)

44. Ouranosaurus  Wind  (Friendly)

45. Iguandon  Fire  (Friendly)

46. Tenontosaurus  Earth

47. Muttaburrasaurus  Wind 

59. Orodromeus  Earth

60. Corythosaurus  Earth  (Friendly) Lacks crest on head!

61. Lambrosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)

62. Parasaurolophus  Fire  (Friendly)

63. Maiasaura  Earth  (Friendly)

64. Hadrosaurus  Water

65. Tsintaosaurus  Fire

66. Saurolophus  Fire  (Friendly)


04. Sceildosaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

49. Nodosaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

74. Euoplocephalus  Fire

75. Ankylosaurus  Water  (Friendly)

76. Saichania  Earth  (Friendly)


05. Plateosaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

06. Anchisaurus  Earth  (Joins)

17. Shunosaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

26. Supersaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

27. Barosaurus Water 

28. Mamenchisaurus  Fire  (Friendly) First to drop Grass!

29. Apatosaurus  Earth

30. Brachiosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)

31. Seismosaurus  Netural  (Joins)

32. Diplodocus  Wind 

33. Camarasaurus  Earth

34. Euhelopus  Water  (Friendly)

50. Titanosaurus  Earth

77. Alamosaurus  Earth

78. Saltasaurus  Fire  (Friendly)


15. Dacentrurus  Fire  (Friendly)

21. Tuojiangosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)

22. Kenotrosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)

23. Stegosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)


48. Psittacosaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

67. Torosaurus  Fire  (Friendly)

68. Styracosaurus  Fire

69. Pachyrhinosaurus  Fire 

70. Triceratops  Netural  (Friendly)

71. Chasmosaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

72. Protoceratops  Water  (Friendly)

73. Centrosaurus  Fire 


103. Stegoceras  Fire  (Friendly)

104. Pachycephalosaurus  Earth  (Friendly)

105. Stygimoloch  Fire  (Friendly)


11. Eudimorphodon  Wind  (Friendly)

20. Dimorphodon  Wind  (Friendly) First to drop Fish!

41. Sordes  Wind  (Friendly)

42. Rhamphorhynchus  Wind  (Friendly)

43. Pterodactyl  Wind

55. Dsungaripterus  Wind  (Friendly)

98. Pteranodon  Wind  (Friendly)


19. Plesiosaurus  Water  (Friendly)

57. Muraenosaurus  Water  (Friendly)

58. Kronosaurus  Water  (Friendly)

97. Elasmosaurus  Water  (Friendly)


12. Stenopterygius  Water 

13. Shonisaurus  Water  (Friendly)

14. Ichthyosaurus  Water  (Friendly)

99. Mosasaurus  Water

100. Deinosuchus  Water  (Friendly)

101. Tylosaurus  Water  (Friendly)

102. Archelon  Water  (Friendly)

So for starters their are three types of food to catch Dinos; Meat, Grass, and Fish. I thought was neat idea for this game. Any Dinosaurs I didn't mark with (Friendly) are enemies and none are friendly. Well now that I beat the game I've been working on gathering all the attacks and such so yeah.