Both ZanthMan, formerly known as Snazzysaurus, and I, TDD25, are applying to become admins. At this time, we have no active Admins, and as such, think we are qualified for the position, seeing as we both participated in a battle to prevent IP, otherwise known as edaphosaurusblue, from repeatedly spamming the wiki and destroying pages. If any of you in the community have objections or comments, please say so. This blog will be up for the week. After that, I will be taking the results to Community Central.

*NEW* I will also be applying for bureaucrat rights as well. For those of you who don't know, a bureaucrat can grant and revoke other user's special rights, such as Rollback and Administrator.

*VERY NEW*I have recommended for the position, or will be adding as (provided I get bureacrat rights), an admin, Monoblossj.

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