Are you tired of waiting for updates for Storm's Brewing? Did you want to see my take on Fossil Fighters Frontier? Do you just not care about any of this? Well unless you're in that last category, I have something for you! Lllladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, TDD proudly presents to you the newest fanfiction to fall within the Storm's Brewing Universe, Shooting Star Zero!

Shooting Star Zero has everything you loved about Storm's Brewing, the same wonderfully developed characters, the same masterfully woven plot, the same engaging writing, all set in the time period of Frontier and with less waiting time!*

*None of these claims can be guaranteed by TDD et. all, and TDD et. all are not liable for any of these claims not being fulfilled.

But nevertheless, despite all the dramatics, I am taking a break (for now) from Storm's Brewing, due to some complications with the its structure and relationship with other fan fics. Thus, I'm going to be updating the original much less frequently (which means about once a decade) until such a time that either everything gets realigned or I believe I can fully handle the task presented on my own. With that being said, Shooting Star Zero still takes place in the same world as Storm's Brewing, though Storm's Brewing is NOT required reading, which is good considering that it's unfinished as of now. There is still plenty of room for flashbacks to what has and has yet to occur in Storm's Brewing, so while I'm not currently opening Shooting Star Zero up to character contributions like its predecessor, keep an eye out and there might be a nod or two back to good old SB and all of its happenings and characters.

So hop on over to F4W and check it out!

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