I noticed DinonerdDC tried to start a tournament, so I've decided to try a go at one myself. If I can get at least 8 people, I will start the tournament. If you all think my idea sucks, then I'll just forget about it.

So here's the rules.

  • All teams must consist of no less than 3 Vivosaurs (I don't know why they wouldn't)
  • All teams can only have a maximum of three Super Evolvers
  • After I get enough people, I will request each of you on your talk pages for your teams. When I have them all, I will post them on this page. If you do not have an account, comment with your team when I request it.
  • You must use the team that has been posted on this page. If you see someone using a team that is not posted, tell me and they will be disqualified.

No Vivosaurs are banned! However, all teams must have a theme. Themes can be:

  • All Vivosaurs have the same Element
  • All Vivosaurs have the same Diet
  • All Vivosaurs have the same Era
  • All Vivosaurs have the same Dig Site*
  • All Vivosaurs have the same Ablility (Link does count)
  • All Vivosaurs are in a specific Category (e.g. Japanese, Dinaurians, ect.)

Dig Site Specifics

  • Pay-to-Dig Sites will count as the site they are found in. So, the Treasure Lake Pay-to-Dig Site Vivosaurs are counted as being from Treasure Lake.
  • Vivosaurs obtained for DP will not count as having a Dig Site, so they can be added onto any Dig Site themed team
  • Any Vivosaurs able to be found at an alternate Dig Site can be used on a team from that alternate Dig Site. For example, Dimetro could go on either a Treasure Lake team or a Hot Spring Heights team.

  • Super Evolvers have the same Dig Site, Diet, and Era as their pre-evolutions

If you plan on participating, please leave your in-game name, Friend Code, and time zone so I can arrange matches accordingly.

Sorry if the rules make me sound a bit wierd, it's just something I picked up from Pokemon: the whole thing with telling me your teams is supposed to help prevent "counter teaming" by other participants.

ATTENTION! NEW STIPULATION! The 3 runner-ups shall recieve 8 Wonderous Fossil Rocks each, and the winner shall recieve an unspecified amount of Miraculous Fossil Rocks.

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