These are just for the preference of currently active users. Unless one of these overlaps one of the? Bannable Offenses, there will not be banning.

  1. Don't edit Dimetrodongold's gallery. He put a lot of work into making that.
  2. Wait a day before posting on Dimetrodongold's blog posts. This is more of a habit rather than a guideline.
  3. Do not pick fights. You can challenge another user to a Fossil Battle, as long as it does not lead to a big conflict that drags the wiki down.
  4. No mini-modding. if another member or anonymous user is not following the rules, contact an admin, and do not confront them yourself. If an admin is not around to answer your request, then you may state the rules to them, but politely.
  5. Don't edit any DeltaSilver posts without DeltaSilver's permission, and only if it end in the old "_______ as always, bye! =D" I plan on writing my Vivosaur Island fan fic on here, so you guys can help me easier. TDD25, DG, and E44. Yeah, I don't really get this, but okay.
  6. No changing other's profile pages. This extremely rude. Don't do it.
  7. Making fun of DinonerdDC's Profile and Name is frowned upon. For that matter, making fun of anyone's name and profile is frowned upon. And will probably get you kicked and/or banned.
  8. Signatures MUST conatain a link to the userpage of the person signing, and a link to his/her talk page is appreciated, too. So that people know where to find the signer.

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