Does anyone have a strategy for infection??

I just use krypto and infection everyone to death and use B-Tricera to do super harden.

Does anyone know where to get shanshan??or radox???IF u do plz tell before this page gets deleted!!

Oh, you can get Radox in theay to dig of hot spring heights. Shansan, I have no idea where he is.

Well i think you can get radox in treaure lake, but im not sure, shanshan i dont know where to get.If im right that radox is in treasure lake, i think it is very very very very rare.

Wait shanshan is in treasure lake (rare) and in petrified forest.

wait does anyone know a good strategy for equinas. im looking forward for a team wiht em insde

huh uh i guess to use charge on equinas and team up with heracles

Does anyone know about the new bonus data??

Is threre really a barry onyx?

No, Barry Onyx is nonexistent (Not yet, at least).

How come nobody edits this page anymore but me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I NEVER meant put it as a candidate for deletion!

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