The Story Is About Some People  Finding A Mythical Gem That Actually Makes Their Vivosaurs Have Unique 2nd Elements That Give them some wizardly Powers! Such As More Chances Of Rotation For Air And Burn Effect For Fire Elements.To Top This Off This Is Fossil Fighters Champions With A Elemental Mix. Instead Of Vivosaurs Having 1 Type (like ZongaZonga Is Just Dark) The Vivosaurs Now Can Have A Wizard ELEMENT So If The Vivosaur Has A Wizard Element The 2nd Element Would Appear As A Gold Outlined Medal Next To The 1st Basic Element.So Again Just to clarify this off its basically like superheroes finding their powers via gems all except its vivosaur style.

So if you wanna join please list your Character And Character's Team by theese rules:

1.A Team Of Any Amount Of Vivosaurs (Will be cut out some and etc if to many)

2.YOU MUST HAVE A Wizard Element For your team (aka at least 1 vivosaur with a Wizard element fire,grass,etc)

3.You Cannot List Levels Of Your Vivos! Just your names (i choose levels with i write it)


So What you waiting for? GET JOINING!

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