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  • ZanthMan

    Ok, people. Listen up.

    July 18, 2013 by ZanthMan

    I will not, repeat, WILL NOT, take requests to kick people in the chat just because you ask because you don't have the pipsqueak. I mean seriously, if you want me to KICK people ALL THE TIME for your amusement, THAT may be the reason you aren't a Chat Mod. So, from now on, if someone asks me to Pipsqueak someone in the Chat, THEY will be pipsqueaked. And if you come back constantly and ask me over and over again, i will only go as far as my very small amount of patience will take me before I get tired of it and decide to ban you.

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  • ZanthMan

    Terrible Vivosaurs

    July 11, 2013 by ZanthMan

    I noticed that a lot of users have made blogs so people can state their favorite Vivosaurs, so I decided to go in the other direction. So.... What Vivosaurs do you guys think are terrible? I personally don't like Nasaur, Peloro, and Metri

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  • ZanthMan

    I didn't really think I was gone that long, but others seem to think so. I've been a little busy with some stuff and I'm not sure if I will be on very often. Just a heads up. Not that this really matters much, but...... You know...... I tend to do pointless things.

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  • ZanthMan

    I noticed that during the short periods of time I am on anymore, I am either very negative about everything or just plain depressed. So I am going to list what I think, mostly (hopefully) positive things about all the other users. At least, the ones I can remember at this time. So here I go.....

    DeltaSilver: Though we did, and probably will again, argue constantly about the whole Shockwave thing, I don't think the wiki would be the same if you weren't here.

    DinonerdDC: You were one of the first users I actually talked to on here (Back when you were going to have a tournament) and every time you say "DERP" I always laugh uncontrollably!

    TDD25: I have always viewed us as partners (best way I can describe it). Though for some reason I feel like …

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  • ZanthMan

    Officially leaving

    February 22, 2013 by ZanthMan

    You are all probably thinking "ZanthMan won't leave. He's said it before." But I'm just saying, you won't be seeing any more of me. No Shockwave, no Me. That's all I have to say. I will only be on wiki for Fossil Fighters related things. I will not speak to anyone. The only reason you will know I am here is because I said so in this blog. Many of you probably couldn't care less about this but I'm just letting you know. I have no purpose here. So goodbye forever.

    NEW: Today is mine and Shockwave's last day on the wiki. After today, we're gone.

    NEWER: I'm now leaving. Bye guys! I'll come back when (if) Shockwave learns not to mess with people's minds. I'll miss you all!

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