I noticed that during the short periods of time I am on anymore, I am either very negative about everything or just plain depressed. So I am going to list what I think, mostly (hopefully) positive things about all the other users. At least, the ones I can remember at this time. So here I go.....

DeltaSilver: Though we did, and probably will again, argue constantly about the whole Shockwave thing, I don't think the wiki would be the same if you weren't here.

DinonerdDC: You were one of the first users I actually talked to on here (Back when you were going to have a tournament) and every time you say "DERP" I always laugh uncontrollably!

TDD25: I have always viewed us as partners (best way I can describe it). Though for some reason I feel like that has changed. Don't know why.

Unbeatable Skylanders Warrior!: ............... Yeah.......... No comment...........

Proraptor: I don't actually talk to you much, but you ARE pretty much the only user here who I can talk Skylanders with.

Novafan: We have also argued constantly about the whole US thing. But I see you as a close friend of mine.

BlueannaD: You, Novafan, and TDD25 are my closest friends on here. You really don't like Shockwave, but that's okay, nobody really does. (No offense Shockwave, you're just tricky to get along with sometimes.)

Ub: You also seem to really hate US. To the point of wanting to battle him (Way back to the first time he appeared) So I wouldn't leave the wiki. Thanks for that by the way!

E44: We really don't see eye-to-eye on some things. And we never really became what I would call friends. But I am hoping we can be friends some day.

Dimetrodongold: Your crazy personality cracks me up, and back when you were a spammer, I'm pretty sure you were the first spammer I faced.

Ultimate Shockwave: You and I have had sort of a war going here, but I think that's over, and now I see you as almost a brother to me.

If I didn't list you, I either forgot you (Sorry!) or I don't really know you enough to put anything here about you.

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