A Vivosaur Management Machine (VMM) is a device used to arrange Vivosaur teams. They function as a storage for Dino Medals and, in the field, can be used as teleportation devices to return to the closest city to the VMM. In the case of the VMMs in the BB Brigade Base and on Zongazonga's Castle, the player will be returned to Cranial City and Ribular Town, respectively.

Using the VMM in Fossil Fighters allows the player to take Vivosaurs currently stored within the VMM and place it into their team. Vivosaurs are arranged on the touch screen in pages, with ten Vivosaurs on one page. The player can also sort Vivosaurs based on Number, Name, Rank, LP, and Type. The stats, skills, and integrated fossils are also viewable for each individual Vivosaur.

In Fossil Fighters: Champions, in addition to the aforementioned functions, the VMM now lets one set team tactics for Auto-Battle and bears the inclusion of a Bank, which can hold an additional 100 Vivosaurs. Duplicate Vivosaurs can now exist, even within the Bank. However, a Vivosaur must be in the Holder to integrate a Fossil into it. Tutorials may also be viewed again by accessing a VMM. 


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