Green Hero Mask

The Green Hero Mask, all we ever see of the enigmatic Vivosaur Man.

Vivosaur Man is never seen or heard in-game, only mentioned in Fossil Fighters. He is seemingly a superhero similar to Batman. If you talk to Chip in Fossil Stadium, you can then buy the Green Hero Mask from the Fossil Guild shop for 1,000 G. Talking to Chip while wearing the Green Hero Mask causes him to challenge you to a battle to see if you are really Vivosaur Man, claiming, "I can take any fake!" However he only has three rank one vivosaurs (Alectro, Andrarch, and Paki) who were probably cleaned at 50 points, and thus, is not a challenge. Afterwards he will give you the Purple Hero Mask and oddly, you will get 3 Battle Points, more than stronger opponents have. Wearing the mask does nothing but cause different dialogue if you talk to Chip again. It would appear impossible to convince Chip you are not Vivosaur Man except to not make him think you are in the first place by declining his challenge.


  • There is a chance that Vivosaur Man is Saurhead because they both wear green masks and appeal to small children. However, that is unlikely because Chip doesn't have any different dialogue if you talk to him wearing the Saur Mask.