The Vivosaur Tribune is a newspaper in Fossil Fighters that can be read at any time in the player's room in the Relic Hotel. The tribune will have a new article at the end of each chapter and will not change after game completion. 


"Today's Vivosaur Tribune features an article titled "Rookie Fighters!" More and more Fighters join our ranks every day. We all look forward to seeing them succeed!"

"More and more Fighters join our ranks every day. Vivosaur Island welcomes them all! This week's featured Fighter is Name, who shows us just how exciting rookie fighters can be! Dr. Diggins commented: "We're really impressed by some of these new Fighters - one in particular."

Found guilty of fraud and theft, Medal-Dealer Joe stole Medals from several Fighters. His arrest is largely thanks to the hard work of Name, last edition's featured Fighter. An impressive Fossil Battle victory over Joe
speaks volumes of this new Fighter's explosion onto the scene.

"Members of the notorious BB Bandits were reported to have infiltrated the Digadigamid in Knotwood Forest. Thanks to the efforts of Name, we're told that the perpetrators were driven away empty-handed. The Bandits were after a mysterious, yet tacky, idol. Their design sense, it seems, is just as mysterious."

"A number of mine cars were destroyed in Rivet Ravine...Mine-car owner McJunker was enraged when he discovered the tools required to fix them were stolen. However, the tools were recovered by Name, and the mine cars AND McJunker were made much happier."

"It's reported that the ghost of famous pirate Woolbeard does indeed exist deep in Bottomsup Bay. Woolbeard is said to confront those who enter his sunken ship... and challenge them to Fossil Battles! As a message to our readers, if you see him, running will only make him mad. It's best just to battle him."

"Name successfully rescued Rosie Richmond, who had been kidnapped by the BB Bandits. Most surprisingly, however, was that the leader of the BB Bandits turned out to be Captain Bullwort! Who would have thought that the BB Boss would be our very own chief of police?!"

"The town was briefly taken over by the escaped BB Bandits. In the end, Name faced off with Bullwort, the BB Boss, in the Richmond Building. In the battle of the millennium, Bullwort's mighty Frigisaurus was defeated by Name's Ignosaurus."

"Displaying heroism the likes of which the world has never seen, our hero Name saved us from extinction! On behalf of the citizens of Vivosaur Island, the Tribune gives our sincerest thanks to Name! Let's just hope that Name stays on our island for a good, long time!"

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