Wallace is an NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions located in Cranial City. He is an eldery man who wears a yellow
Wallace 1

Wallace staring at the Water

suit and a regular cane. He likes looking at the river next to the Fighter Station and likes water. He is also one of the characters that must be talked to in The Age of Aquarium sidequest.


"Ayup. I love sittin' here and watchin' the water flow by. Brings back memories of m'old country home, it does."

"Watchin' the water brings me back t'when I first saw the ocean. Long ago, it was. Long and long ago..."

"I 'member how I used t'fish in the stream to m'house. Them were the days, I tell ya... "

"...I see this water in m'dreams."

"If I watch the water long enough, I start thinkin' I'm the one doin' all the movin'."

"I like t'stare at the water and think 'bout what kinda fish might be hidin' there. Maybe I should do some fishin'..."

"Watchin' the water makes me forget how I lost the Cup. Water makes everythin' better, it does."

"All y'need in life is fine weather and a stream to share 'er with."

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