Wendy is a female character that is featured within Fossil Fighters. She works the front desk of the Fossil Center, and she assists the Hero in finding Dr. Diggins in the prologue. Wendy is very important in the prologue. She reveals herself to be the Level 1 Master, and fights the Hero before he can become a Level 2 Fighter. After the fight, the Hero won't need her assistance again for an extensive period of time. She is a major character in the online comics, following Dr. Diggins almost everywhere he goes.


Welcome to the Fossil Center. Hi, I'm Wendy! I take it you're here to register to become a Fossil Fighter? Dr. Diggins returned just a while ago, but has unfortunately wandered off somewhere again. It could be a while before we find him. You might want to go over to the hotel and check in while you wait. The hotel... just to the right of the Fossil Center. See you in a while.

Have you checked in at the hotel yet? On your map, you'll find it just to the right of the Fossil Center.