Zoe (post-Guhnash battle)

is an NPC who is always found standing off her lonely spot in front of the Relic Hotel in Fossil Fighters. Throughout the game the hero can talk to her and she'll direct him toward upcoming plot events.  Calling him "bucko" early on, she'll finally admit to having a crush on him during the seventh chapter,. She also expresses a desire to check out the Dinaurians' Spaceship with him (see picture).


"Oh, you must have just gotten here! This building is Vivosaur Island's one and only hotel. It's also where all the Fighters stay while they're here. Since all the Fighters stay at the hotel, there must be some really good ones staying there even now! Omigosh! There might even be some Master Fighters! Can you imagine?!"

"So, you're a Fighter now, huh? I don't really see it, but not my problem. You could probably use some training from Bea Ginner. Have you seen her yet? In that case, you better go to the Park Area and find Bea Ginner."'

"Don't let yourself settle for Level 2, bucko! The only way to advance is to earn it. By the way, have you been to the Police Station yet? Check in there every once in a while. It's worth it sometimes. You might find some interesting stuff going on."

"You been to any Fighter Seminars yet? You shouldn't miss them if you're serious about improving."

"Good job, bucko. You made Level 4. I'm getting slightly impressed! By the way, did you know the Fossil Cannon's ready now? It fires and recieves fossil rocks together with Fossil Haiku. You know--the 5-7-5 poetry? "The rain comes down hard But so do the fossil rocks On this here island" You should get in on this fossil-haiku thing on the ground floor, bucko."

"You been over to the Park Area, bucko? The Fossil Cannon's complete."

"Level 5, huh? Not bad. Not bad at all. You know, bucko, I'm starting to see why everyone's so impressed with you... Um, I mean... I heard the staff in the Fossil Center needs some assistance. Maybe you should go there and help?"

"Did you know there are people who have been staying in the hotel for more than five years?! I bet they are ultrahigh-level Fighters...way more powerful than you. I wonder what rooms they're staying in? ...Maybe up the elevator on the left?"

"Hey, hey, hey! Look at the big Level 6 Fighter! Nice work! When you're a famous Master Fighter, don't forget me, OK? I'll be cheering for you all the way!"

"They're treating someone with an injury in there. So don't go in there, got it?"

"Taking out BB Boss like that... You're the real deal, bucko... A level 6, if I ever saw one. I don't know why I never noticed it before, but I'm starting to like you. Some."

"*sigh* ...I was just dreaming about learning Fossil Fighting from a famous Master Fighter... Hmmm... Where could I find a Master Fighter who might be willing to tutor me? Tee-hee! Why are you making that face? I.. I... Oh, never mind."


  • Although she cannot accompany the Hero in the Guhnash battle, Zoe technically counts as a love interest.

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