The Zombiesaurs are a group of zombie dinosaurs that Zongazonga uses while in Rupert's body. The Zombiesaurs used are:

Z-Tricera Medal FFC Z-Tricera

Z-Ptera Medal FFC Z-Ptera

Z-Elasmo Medal FFC Z-Elasmo

Z-Rex Medal FFC Z-Rex

Zongazonga Medal FFC Zongazonga

They are obtained by fighting the staff at Zongazonga's Castle for 3,000 G. When you obtain them, they are on Rank 12 and need to be ranked up to full power. Although they have lower stats than the original vivosaurs, they have powerful support effects that renders the opponent helpless or raises the AZ vivosaur's stats to a dominant level. There is one exception: Zongazonga. His support effects severely hinder allies in the attack zone, so keep Zongazonga out of the SZ. They are altogether support vivosaurs (except for Zongazonga) who should stay in the support zone.


  • It is interesting to note that while every Boneysaur (Except for Salada) can use a Scare Skill, Zombiesaurs are immune to being Scared, and while all Zombiesaurs (except for Zongazonga) boast Poison Skills, Boneysaurs cannot be Poisoned.

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